Gold, Silver, Copper – All Firmly In The Bear Market Grip

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Gold, Silver, Copper – All Firmly In The Bear Market Grip

Gold, Silver, Copper – All Firmly In The Bear Market Grip

Gold Spot cost (GOLDS/1,095.82, see Figure 28) finally gave approach in a ongoing constructional bear marketplace as cost plunged subsequent 1,138 (nearly a year/long support). Every convene following a initial relapse in 2013 has unsuccessful to surpass a before rally, stability to indicate to a offered into strength (supply). This delegate mangle is a subsequent in a routine of carrying Gold closer to a targets of 1 ,000 (August 2013 report) over a months forward and 800. The expectancy of poignant upside over contra-trend rallies into insurgency of 1,150/1,200 stays doubtful in a stream technical condition.

The aim of 1,000 represents a support of a 2 008/2009 converging (see circle). The totalled pierce from a behind of a 2013/2015 forward triangle arrangement (see arrow) of 200 points, projected downward, carries toward 1,000. The 2001 uptrend over time intersects with 800, a subsequent intensity target, suggested over a year or two.


In annoy of a prosaic SP 500, a approaching tumble in Gold has inched this constructional description of a SP 500 / Gold ratio aloft (see Figure 29), in fav or of outperformance of a SP 500 over Gold / (When a line is rising a SP 500 is outperforming Gold; when a line is falling, Gold is outperforming equities, as from 2001 to 2010.)

This ratio has been one of a chronological constructional arguments for equities carrying instituted another constructional longhorn market, and Gold carrying instituted another constructional bear marketplace , when a ratio incited adult in 2013, as equities pierced adult by a 2007 /2008 highs. The trend should be approaching to continue, notwithstanding any near/term cyclical improvement / cyclical bear marketplace in equities (during that a ratio could spin down minimally as approaching in a march of an uptrend), though not indispensably implying Gold will rally; usually that equities competence correct.


Last month we enclosed a territory “ Don’t Count on Gold Stocks ” display a underperformance of Gold bonds to a cost of a metal. That chart, too, has damaged down to a new low from that decorated herein final month. Additionally, a GDX (Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF) has plunged to a new low (see Figure 30). We continue to drive transparent of Gold stocks.


For both Gold and Gold stocks, don’t try to locate a descending sword. Price can tumble of a possess weight s indicate from an deficiency of buyers .

Silver – Breaking Support

Silver Spot cost (SILV/14.78, see Figure 31) is inching down subsequent a shutting lows of a final year and is addressing a 2002 uptrend. The subsequent support / aim is 12, and 10 for silver; insurgency 16 /17.


Copper – New Lows

The Copper Continuous Futures Contract (HG1/236.35, see Figure 33), following a convene int o a damaged support, now insurgency during 300, cost has specially incited down again to make a new five/year low in an ongoing constructional bear marketplace . The subsequent aim appears to be 200, after that 1.50, nearby a 2009 low would come subsequent over months. There is no technical justification of a annulment over normal contratrend rallies along a fluctuating down trend; insurgency 250, 300. All movement models support reduce levels.


Given a bear marketplace for this industrial commodity, one competence doubt a strength of universe economies, unless there is reduction of a demand, given a technological industries’ faith on other commodity inputs. One competence also consternation either China’s office of commodity hoarding led to extreme direct for this and other line which, once hoarded, were no longer as sought after.

We have also voiced some consternation as to either post a financial crisis, a rejecting of many trade desks competence have dampened a cost as fewer were trading; and combined to that a hoarding of line by banks that had bought a domestic warehouses and pushed prices adult by self-denial recover of a line to their corporate owners. Whatever a reasons, a cost patterns continue to advise reduce levels ahead.



Courtesy: Louise Yamada