Google Has Shipped Over 1 Million Cardboard VR Units

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Google suggested currently that Cardboard has sensitively turn a heading VR height in terms of height strech – over 1 million Cardboard units have shipped to users so far, a 100 percent boost on a 500,000 miracle it announced in Dec final year.

Cardboard’s course is a covenant to Google’s approach, that favors morality and low barriers to entrance instead of freaky genuine expectation and expensive, high-powered hardware. Google initial suggested Cardboard during final year’s I/O event, throwing it out there roughly as an afterthought and a ostensible pointed puncture during Facebook’s cost merger of Oculus VR.

A fast expanding user pool is good news for developers looking to see what users indeed wish from VR experiences, and lets them start to see how VR competence be best practical to a wider, lower-cost segment.

Cardboard, and a third-party equivalents, are simply a marketplace personality in consumer VR during a moment, but Google carrying most to do besides emanate a cool, inexpensive qualification kit.