Google Partners With Udacity To Launch Android Development Nanodegree

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At a I/O developer contention in San Francisco, Google now announced that it has partnered with Udacity to launch a six-course Android expansion nanodegree.

The suspicion here is to assistance developers learn how to write apps for Google’s mobile doing element “the right way” adult to a prove where they could potentially be hired by Google itself. Clearly then, this is not a impetus for beginners, yet for modernized developers who wish to add

Just like Udacity’s other class programs, students can watch all of a video ease for free, yet if they wish to get a certificate and opening to training assistants, they will have to recompense a fee, that is $200 per month for this course.

As Sebastian Thrun, Udacity’s co-founder and CEO told me brazen of a announcement, developers will have to finish 6 courses and a array of projects to get their degree. One of those courses, for example, will ask a students to use a Spotify API in an app. The thoroughness here, as with many of Udacity’s other programs, is on rational trust and in many ways, a projects are apart some-more vicious than a discernible courses.

“We wish to get them to a prove where they can expose how good they are by their work and not by a churned choice test,” Thrun said. “It’s best to cruise of this as a things that Google wants a developers to know.”

Completing a class should take between 6 and 9 months, yet while a starting date is set, students can finish their courses and projects during their possess pace.

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To expose a fasten to this project, Google will tempt 50 students to a three-day extent in Mountain View during a finish of a year. This extent will consolidate a hackathon, as good as meetings with contracting engineers, so Google clearly skeleton on contracting during smallest a few of a students in this course.

In addition, Google has partnered with a organisation of Egypt to concentration a 6 Android courses that are prejudiced of this class into Modern Standard Arabic. For a initial time in Udacity’s history, this doesn’t usually meant subtitling a videos, yet indeed bettering all of a courses’ ease to one specific region.

Google will offer 2,000 scholarships for students in Egypt and society office fairs and sessions for students there. Thrun conspicuous that Udacity sees Egypt as a good stepping indent to pierce a impetus to students around a Arabic-speaking peninsula and that bringing good credentials — and a good jobs it will hopefully permit students to get — “could devaluate a array of wars” in a area.