Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages promises faster page loads

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Google has come adult with an beginning that aspires to revoke bucket time for mobile web content. Called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a plan is about content. Accelerated Mobile Pages are only like any other HTML page, though with a singular set of authorised technical functionality that is tangible and governed by a open source AMP spec —  designed to bucket instantaneously.

“AMP HTML is a new approach to make web pages that are optimised to bucket now on users’ mobile devices. It is designed to support intelligent caching, predicted performance, and modern, pleasing mobile content. Since AMP HTML is built on existent web technologies, and not a template formed system, publishers continue to horde their possess content, innovate on their user experiences, and flexibly confederate their promotion and business models — all within a technical design optimized for speed and performance,” Google explained in an FAQ territory of a AMP Project page.

The polished Google logo. APThe polished Google logo. AP

The polished Google logo. AP

Just like all web pages, Accelerated Mobile Pages will bucket in any complicated browser or app webview. AMP files take advantage of several technical and architectural approaches that prioritize speed to yield a faster knowledge for users.

Google also pronounced with this it wants to foster extended placement so that publishers can take advantage of a open web’s intensity for their calm to seem everywhere fast — opposite all platforms and apps — that can lead to some-more income around ads and subscriptions.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project announced a recover of a initial technical selection that will seem on GitHub.

“More facilities and functionality will be combined over a entrance weeks, including organic support for subscription models as good as businessman support for promotion functionality.”