Grab 20% In Two Months Or Less, As Dr. Copper Gets Well Again

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Grab 20% In Two Months Or Less, As Dr. Copper Gets Well Again

Grab 20% In Two Months Or Less, As Dr. Copper Gets Well Again

Wanna make income on both sides of a trade? Thought so…

We done out like bandits betting opposite copper in a past. Now we’re going to money in betting on copper for a short-term rally. That’s right– Dr. Copper’s removing a second wind. And no one’s profitable attention.

Can’t contend that we censure them. This dog has been beaten to a pap for years. Like we said, we’ve gamble opposite copper a few times over a past 18 months. It was like hidden candy from a baby.

But something’s opposite this time. The copper bears are capitulating. A secrecy convene is in a works. And it could net we 20% gains in no time…

I told readers recently that Dr. Copper mislaid his grade interjection to annoying technological advances. Semiconductors, my crony Andrew Thrasher explained, had turn a most some-more arguable indicator of mercantile health. After all, it’s tech– not a industrial sector–that’s fueling expansion these days.

Copper’s skirmish into unconcern is zero new. It all started behind in late Nov when Dr. Copper started behaving loopy, dropping good next $3 for a initial time given 2010. That defeat pierce was radically a prior decade’s commodity bang unwinding.

From 2001 to 2011 a cost of copper exploded some-more than 620%, commanding out nearby $4.50. It’s unfit to exaggerate a concern of this rally. But that’s ancient story now. The steel plunged next $2.50 progressing this year. Those were five-year lows. Brutal…

Here’s a draft we showed we progressing this year as copper began descending detached during a seams:

Plunges like this one come lightning-fast. For copper a conveyor down accelerated after a steel mislaid a $3 mark. Sagging direct in China and Europe was a final nail–especially when we cruise that China was obliged for a whopping 40% of a world’s copper expenditure recently.

We highlighted a psychological significance of a $3 turn in copper prices many times. And for a past several years copper managed to redeem each time it breached $3. Before a Nov relapse copper snuck next $3 final March. But it rallied behind above a $3 symbol by April. No such fitness final fall. The good doctor’s medical permit was revoked and copper forsaken scarcely 20% in only 3 months.

But this is where your event comes into play today…

Look during how copper appears to have bottomed out final month:

Copper forsaken next $2.50 in late Jan on complicated trade volume. But buyers fast stepped in. Now we’re saying a commencement stages of a potentially absolute quip rally.

Now’s a time to gamble on a discerning copper rally. You could simply net double-digit gains in a matter of weeks if this former crook starts cranking adult a heat.

The best approach for we to play it? Check out Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE: FCX). Freeport is a copper mining play that’s display signs of a clever breakout. Take a look:

We requisitioned tighten to 20% in only dual weeks betting opposite Freeport behind in Dec as a copper pile-up exhilarated up. Now we’re kissing and creation adult with this stock. And trust me, copiousness of traders will be held flat-footed as FCX rebounds. But it’ll only supplement fuel to a convene when a Johnny-come-lately traders follow after it.

Buy FCX currently and we’ll try to float a pointy pierce behind toward $27. That would net we a discerning 20%. Not too shabby.

With everybody fixated on stocks, we have a ideal event to slick double-digits on this “hated” trade.



Courtesy: Greg Guenthner for The Daily Reckoning