Grandma’s Day At The Zoo Was So Cute…Well, Until It Wasn’t — LOL

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Zoos are fun places for families to spend time together and check out cold animals, though we don’t consider this bad lady will be going behind any time soon!

When she motionless to go to a John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this aged lady was substantially awaiting to have a relaxing and educational knowledge while examination a accumulation of outlandish creatures in action. However, what she indeed got out of her day incited out to be so most nastier when she sat nearby this chimp’s enclosure…

You competence wish to tighten your mouth, Grandma.

I mean, during slightest she’ll never forget that zoo trip, right? Share this feisty chimp’s antics with others if you’re gagging during a suspicion of carrying poop flung in your face!