Graphene – a consternation element for electronic devices

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The dual dimensional element graphene has captivated good courtesy given it was initial removed and characterized in 2004. PhD Student Patrick Whelan explains: “There is really something to be vehement about with a list of unusual properties that comes with graphene; it is a mechanically strongest devalue discovered, it has a high transparency, it is an fit conductor of feverishness and electricity, it is stretchable and foldable and a list goes on”.

Graphene has been likely to play a vital purpose in a wiring attention generally as a pure conducting electrode for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), solar cells and wearable electronics.

Transfer of graphene is a bottleneck
Fabrication of vast areas of graphene by chemical fog deposition onto copper catalysts is reaching industrial maturity. In sequence to confederate graphene into a device it contingency be eliminated from a matter onto a suitable aim substrate such as potion but introducing any defects in a graphene layer. Patrick Whelan says that “the categorical concentration of my PhD plan has been to rise new send techniques. We would like to rise methods that do not repairs a graphene covering and that are non-destructive towards a copper substrate.”

At DTU Nanotech, a process for accurately monitoring a decoupling of graphene from copper catalysts during burning in H2O has been developed. The process is formed on a supposed Raman spectroscopy, a customary characterization apparatus in a graphene community. Patrick Whelan explains that “using a new method, it is probable for us to magnitude if a graphene is entirely decoupled from a copper catalysts and so we have been means to send graphene by automatic bark from 12inch hole copper skinny films”. (See figure 1).