Great Dane Has Funniest Reaction To Being Booped On The Nose By A Tiny Kitten

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A lot of dogs who share homes with cats are understandably fearful of their sly siblings.

A discerning hunt on YouTube will produce a ton of videos in that shaken dogs exclude to travel past cats since they know from knowledge that they’ll get swatted. One Great Dane named Ronan knew true out of a embankment that his owner’s new kitten would be zero though difficulty for him. The bad puppy incited out to be right when he suffered a infamous boop right on a nose.

His wide-eyed greeting is explanation that distance means zero for dogs when they’re faced with a little nonetheless terrifying kitten.


I’m overtly astounded Rohan is still alive after that heartless attack. You competence wish to get that little savage a muzzle, humans.