Gucci To Officially Launch A New Décor Line

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Photo: gucci on Instagram 

For anyone who is a fan of Gucci’s beautifully designed wardrobe and handbags, it seems that there’s acquire news on a home front. That’s right, a conform residence is now slated to launch a new décor line in September. Also a brainchild of stream artistic director Alessandro Michele, a collection is set to underline Gucci’s signature motifs, along with a Renaissance desirous theme. From motifs of tigers, cats, snakes and garden florals, initial sketches of a arriving line have been suggested on Gucci’s central Instagram account. 

Photo: gucci on Instagram 

From chairs and pillows to plates and candles, a furnishings are pronounced to be combined with vinyl, silk and paper wallpapers. Artist Alex Merry has also collaborated with Gucci on a collection, and a few of his illustrations are featured on a pieces. 

With a proclamation of this recently announced interior pattern line, Gucci is clearly sketch a cues from associate engineer labels Versace and Fendi, who have also expelled home collections in a past. Although it’s too early to have a full sum of this hotly awaited launch, fans will have to wait until a tumble to chaperon Gucci desirous scents and seat into their common abodes. As Michele has already warranted himself a repute for a visible feast on a runways, a line will substantially live adult to Gucci standards, with heading splendid colours and splashy prints.