Guess who else is 100% Bihar: ‘The Hulk’ goes greener in support of #SolarBihar campaign

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Just when we yet ‘The Hulk’ couldn’t get any greener, Mark Ruffalo, a actor who portrays a meant and immature avenger on screen, went forward and valid everybody wrong.

Mark Ruffalo. AFPMark Ruffalo. AFP

Mark Ruffalo. AFP

Mark Ruffalo has come out in support of #SolarBihar, a campaign by Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), that has aided a small encampment called Dharnai in Bihar to go totally solar. CEED, in a debate compelling advantages of renewable sources of energy, wants Bihar to welcome solar energy.

The campaign, already upheld by actors Vinay Pathak and Sanjai Mishra, aims for Bihar to run on clean, renewable source of appetite and is led by a ‘I am 100 percent Bihar’ pledge. The debate has now got ‘The Hulk’ to to oath a same.



Kudos to Mark Ruffalo for entrance in support of a eminent cause. The debate now stands on a shoulders of ‘The Incredible Hulk’. And, approbation Bihar would really be gay to have The Hulk on a side.

The debate has captivated a lot of courtesy on amicable media and many have come in support. You can read some-more about a debate and how solar appetite has remade lives of people in a encampment Dharnai here.

Watch celebrities and residents of Dharnai take a ‘I am 100 percent Bihar’ pledge below: