Gun Safety Matters Challenge

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A safely stored firearm can meant a disproportion between a comfortless outcome and a life saved. Though many Veterans are familiar in gun safety, all Veterans and their families should know how to scrupulously hoop and store firearms to forestall suicide, damage or accidents. 

An normal of twenty Veterans die by self-murder any day.  In 2014, roughly 67% of all Veteran deaths by self-murder were a outcome of firearm injuries. Statistics for that year also uncover that about 65% of all Veterans who die by self-murder are age 50 or older. Compared to their age-matched municipal peers, both masculine and womanlike Veterans have an increasing risk for suicide. Research suggests that many suicidal crises pass within mins to hours, and that building in time and space between a suicidal incentive and entrance to a gun reduces self-murder deaths.

In response, a VA Challenge Team has been given the authority to find solutions by an Innovation Challenge.  The Gun Safety Challenge invites proposals for solutions that offer new options for extended protected gun storage to forestall suicide, damage and accidents.


NineSigma, representing a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, seeks novel and effective approaches that offer extended gun reserve mechanisms to forestall suicide, injury, and accidents.

Specifically, a VA is seeking cost-effective options for a discernible device or complement to be used willingly by a Veteran or devoted crony or family member. The device or complement contingency concede for 100% intentional control (implementation, suspension, decommissioning) by a Veteran. The idea is to yield protected firearm storage within or outward a home.

Approaches that residence romantic trouble or crisis, generally for those people who might not have a delegate support complement such as family members or friends nearby, or who do not have a means for storing their guns safely are of interest. The preferred outcome of this plea is for ideas of systems or inclination that yield extended gun reserve facilities or storage.

Please impute to the Challenge Summary for some-more details.


Winning proposals will accept money prizes in a following amounts:

  • First Prize – adult to $30,000
  • Second Prize – adult to $20,000
  • Third Prize – adult to $10,000

Additional non-cash incentives might include:

  • Access to VA resources, such as Subject Matter Experts, for any intensity follow-on pattern and development.
  • Recognition opposite VA media streams to prominence a winning concepts/design.


Successful solutions will:

  • Be a tangible, implementable resolution that effectively deters suicide, injury, and accidents by firearm and creates a safer sourroundings around a voluntary, unconstrained device or system
  • Be inexpensive
  • Be germane for use in a home or residence
  • Be easy to implement
  • Not block obliged entrance of a weapon
  • Provide preparation for gun users and their families and friends about protected practices famous to forestall self-murder attempts, damage or accidents.

Download the Challenge Summary for a full outline of a Success Criteria.


Companies of all sizes, consultants, try capitalists, entrepreneurs, or inventors are invited to respond to this request.

Citizens or permanent residents of a US and a territories are authorised to participate.

Please contention a response around a online response form and embody a following:

  • A outline of a due approach, including a contention of any technical aspects that capacitate an effective impediment resource for a use of a gun in a self-murder attempt.
  • Any information or justification to uncover or support a efficacy of a proceed in a stream capability
  • Availability of samples, prototypes, or proof of due technology
  • Supporting information to uncover fit to settled criteria for a approach
  • Experience of a submitter or acquiescence group in a due record field

Must contention during slightest one entrance by 5:00pm Eastern Time on Jan 8, 2018 to be eligible. Must be 18 years of age or older, and a citizen or permanent proprietor of a US or a territories in order to participate.  See the Official Challenge Rules for details. 


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