Gurgaon fails to broach on automobile giveaway day: Organisers contend it will take time for summary to penetrate in

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The millennium city, that moves usually on a possess wheels, didn’t utterly comfortable adult to a ‘Car-free Day’ call given on Tuesday, 22 September. The first-of-its kind beginning was launched in Gurgaon jointly by a trade police, NGO Embark, Rahagiri and citizens’ forum – to observe a ‘Car-free Day’ each Tuesday in sequence to revoke wickedness and trade congestion.

However, a transformation of cars was in full pitch opposite a city, generally in a dedicated section where a examination was launched – Gurgaon’s Cyber City. The beginning unsuccessful to revoke a series of cars; it was usually like any other day in Gurgaon with bumper-to-bumper trade in a categorical thoroughfares. The usually conspicuous disproportion was substantially a parking, that was orderly arranged.

Another whine of use was a partial played by a trade police. Cops held burial via a day during each indentation and dilemma of a dedicated zone, ensuring no automobile was parked illegally.

Bharti Arora, dilemma commissioner, Traffic Police (Gurgaon) said, “Today is a initial day of a beginning and it would take some time for us to motivate a adults to park cars during parking zones and concurrently not to use cars for commutation on Tuesdays. We’re ensuring that people shouldn’t illegally park cars by a roadside to equivocate trade congestion. This is a tip priority.”

The common trade during Millennium City in Gurgaon. Image courtesy: Naresh Sharma/FirstpostThe common trade during Millennium City in Gurgaon. Image courtesy: Naresh Sharma/Firstpost

The common trade during Millennium City in Gurgaon. Image courtesy: Naresh Sharma/Firstpost

The millennium city has been confronting problems associated to wickedness and trade overload for a long time now. The corporate houses during Cyber City have been angry about a disaster to a City administration. But a eminent beginning had a few takers during benefaction due to a fundamental disadvantages. The miss of correct open transportation, widespread distances and connectivity done it probably unfit for a adults to accept it whole-heartedly.

The beginning has been launched in an area of 4-5 kilometres around a Rapid Metro and Cyber City. The aim is to keep a area de-congested and safeguard well-spoken regulating of traffic. The trade military deployed a vast series of draw divided vehicles or liberation vehicles during each indentation and dilemma of a dedicated zone.

“Since morning we’ve picked adult some-more than 30 cars parked illegally in a Cyber City area. Nearly 25 toy-away vehicles have been deployed currently for a job. We wish to give a summary to a adults that they should follow parking manners or else it causes serious trade overload on a daily basis. If people revoke use of cars on Tuesdays, it’ll assistance in shortening wickedness as well,” pronounced Sunder Lal Tonger, a trade patrolman on-duty during Cyber City.

The organizers of a beginning are however utterly upbeat and optimistic.

“It’s quite a intentional transformation and it’s approaching from a adults not to use their vehicles on Tuesdays. Many of us are regulating bicycles. The aim of a beginning is to cut-down a wickedness turn and transparent trade congestion, that is bothering a millennium city. Even, if we’re successful in initiating this change even for a day in a week, it’ll have a inclusive impact,” pronounced Radhakrishnan TA Aiyyer, a domestic romantic and a member of a citizen forum.

According to organizers of ‘Car-free Day’, a corporate firms would yield choice ride options as many of their employees use cars. “Cyberabad managed to pull 10,000 private vehicles off a roads, save 100,000 personal hours on highway and 37,500 litres of fuel, and equivocate 78 tonnes of carbon-dioxide in usually 4 such days. Similarly, Rapid Metro has motionless to boost a magnitude of trains to 3 minutes, that would meant 225 trains and revoke watchful time for commuters. Feeder buses will be supposing in some-more numbers from vital metro stations to Huda City centre, IT Hub and other far-off areas,” a proffer of Embark said.

Senior citizen K Anil (74), who lives during Faridabad Road in Gurgaon, had to think, not usually once yet integrate of times, whether to go forward with his doctor’s appointment or cancel it. Finally, he chose to do a latter, to support a cause.

“It’s formidable to get a doctor’s appointment, and it was bound 3 weeks ago. But, we cancelled it since currently this ‘Car-free Day’ beginning has been launched and as a obliged citizen, we don’t wish to mangle it on a really initial day. This beginning is good supposing there is a strong open ride complement in place, that is not a box in Gurgaon. If we have to take a bus, I’ve to travel some-more than a kilometer from my place. Moreover, a magnitude of a train is 30-45 mins and a buses are always over-crowded. It’s intensely formidable for a comparison citizen or a studious to board,” pronounced K Anil, a late supervision official.


Renowned contemporary artist Jagannath Panda, who lives in Gurgaon and also has his studio in a city, said, “It sounds like a good thought yet we don’t know how it would get implemented. But we should give it a try since it is for a good cause.”

Journalist V. Mahua, a proprietor of Sector 54 said, “The beginning is good to check augmenting wickedness and trade congestion. But, as on date it’s not practical, since but regulating automobile it’s not probable for me to go on my assignments. Car pool is probable usually for those who possibly go to a same bureau or take a same route, distinct me. Personal automobile is a usually choice left.”

But a trade military consider open ride can’t be an excuse. “We’ve ensured 400 buses on a streets of Gurgaon to yield last-mile connectivity to Metro commuters besides auto-rickshaws for commutation,” pronounced Joint Commissioner Arora.

While, automobile rickshaws charged some-more on a day like this, there were many on a other palm who were not even wakeful of a initiative. “No, we don’t consider there’s any such order upheld of not pushing automobile today. At least, I’m not wakeful of it,” pronounced Satvir Singh, a trader, who was found watchful during a trade vigilance circuitously MG Road.

Many start-ups have come adult with convey buses to manipulate commuters from Rapid Metro stations to circuitously destinations like offices in and around a Cyber City. “We’ve introduced Apps and online booking, so that commuters can use the use instead of their possess vehicles,” pronounced Mohit of Shuttl.