HackSpace repository 3: Scrap Heap Hacking

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We’re making with a purpose in emanate 3 of HackSpace magazine. Not usually are we finding ways in that 3D duplicate is assisting to save resources — and in some box lives — in a building world, we’re also going all out with recycling. While others competence be calm with separating their potion and cosmetic waste, we’re going much, many serve by creation useful things out of rejected aged pieces of balderdash we can find during your internal scrapyard.


We’re going to Cheltenham Hackspace to learn how to make a leather belt, to Liverpool to learn a ways in that an open-source pattern and some pieces and bobs from IKEA are safeguarding a food supply, and we also take a look by a doors of Nottingham Hackspace.


The new emanate also has a many tutorials you’ll have seen anywhere since…well, given HackSpace repository emanate 2! Guides to 3D-printing on fabric, Arduino programming, and ESP8266 hacking are all to be found in emanate 3. Plus, we’ve come adult with nonetheless another approach to siren numbers from a internet into big, red, intense boxes — it’s what LEDs were done for.

With a further of racing drones, an indignant reindeer, and an intelligent toaster, we consider we’ve really put together an emanate you’ll enjoy.

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