Hand Pressed Colour- The Latest Hair Technique

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Photo: chialamarvici on Instagram

Although many beauty addicts have substantially had foil highlights practical in a past, a newest hair colour focus technique involves a square of transparent Plexiglass and a knife.

While these dual materials might sound some-more suitable for an humanities and crafts plan than a day during a salon, a latest beauty trend is called palm pulpy hair colour. The technique, that was grown by New York City-based Redken colourist and hairstylist Chiala Marvici, is pronounced to emanate a demeanour of intricate, multidimensional hair colour.

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A video posted by Chiala Marvici (@chialamarvici) on Sep 11, 2015 during 11:48am PDT

In an talk with Allure, Marvici described her impulse behind crafting a thought of palm pulpy colour. “I know it sounds strange, though we had a dream where we saw mixed layers of patterns and sheets of color, one in front of a other,” she said.

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A video posted by Chiala Marvici (@chialamarvici) on Sep 3, 2015 during 9:48am PDT

Marvici common dual brief videos of a palm pulpy colour routine on her Instagram account. If a hair colour is pulpy many times while on a Plexiglass, it can furnish a minute look. However, easily dire a colour will outcome in a softer, confused effect. To request a colour, several shades are initial practical in blobs on a glass. Next, a colourist places sections of a hair on a Plexiglass, and uses a putty blade to delicately well-spoken a thatch opposite a colour. Naturally, this explains how a technique has warranted a name, as there are no foil highlights or normal hair caricature methods used!

For anyone looking to try palm pulpy colour, this rising hair colour pretence is not accessible during salons usually yet. In a meantime, usually time will tell if palm pulpy thatch will turn a must-have hair trend.