Hardik Patel incarcerated to forestall Ekta Rally, appeals to supporters to keep calm

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By Swati Bhan

Hardik Patel, a print child of a Patidar reservation movement, was incarcerated this morning along with 78 supporters.

Patel and supporters were taken into surety control when they attempted to launch his Ekta Yatra, a truncated chronicle of his much-touted and much-postponed ‘Reverse Dandi March’.

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A record picture of Hardik Patel. Naresh Sharma/ Firstpost

Patel had progressing announced a prolonged impetus from Dandi nearby Surat (South Gujarat) to Sabarmati in Ahmedabad (up north). Gandhiji had begun his salt satyagraha from Sabarmati to Dandi where he picked adult a fistful of salt ordering a nation behind him to arise in rebel conflicting a British.

Patel attempted a convene after dual postponements since accede was denied by internal authorities. His impetus would have upheld by many villages in that members of Other Backward Classes difficulty are in vast numbers, streamer to fears that it could awaken standing conflicts along a way. Considering a standing tensions it is causing, Patel’s Ekta Yatra can be called a retreat Dandi impetus not only for streamer in a conflicting direction, though for pursing a conflicting goal as well.

Patel and his Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) had progressing due to lift out the impetus from Dandi a fortnight ago.  The police denied accede and it was deferred by a week. Last Saturday it was deferred for the second time for accurately a same reasons, streamer Patel and his Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) to confirm to start from Surat today even if accede was denied.

Patel attempted to surprise a military by changing a plcae for a start of a impetus during slightest twice. While a initial offer was to start the impetus from Kamrej in Surat, it was after motionless to shift it to Magadh Chowk. Magadh Chowk is an area with a vast series of solid polishing units and would have ensured a incomparable believer bottom for a march.

Police pre-empted that and took Patel into surety custody.

Speaking to reporters condemning a military action, the 22-year-old personality said, “The Gujarat government wants to nozzle a voice. They wish to harass us. The Gujarat government and a state military wants assault in a state. This act is conflicting a suggestion of democracy.”

On interest of Hardik Patel and PAAS, Chirag Patel appealed to his supporters to say peace.

We do not wish to disquiet a law and sequence in a state. It is military who wish to disquiet peace. We had due to take out a pacific yatra commencement from Dandi and final during Sabarmati,” he said.

However, as a precautionary magnitude mobile internet has been criminialized in Ahmedabad and Surat compartment 12 pm on Sunday.

Swati is an Ahmedabad-based publisher now operative with CEPT