Hardik Patel to organize ‘reverse’ Dandi impetus to scale adult OBC share demand

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Surat: The Patel share transformation spearhead Hardik Patel will organize a “reverse” Dandi impetus from Dandi to Ahmedabad after this week in a bid to scale adult a restlessness in a second phase.

The Dandi Mar led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930 was an critical partial of autonomy transformation and Hardik’s pierce to select that plcae for strengthening his restlessness is noticed as a crafty plan to send a summary opposite several stake-holders.

Hardik Patel. AgenciesHardik Patel. Agencies

Hardik Patel. Agencies

“Mahatma Gandhi did Dandi Mar on this route, starting from Sabarmati in Ahmedabad compartment Dandi in south Gujarat. Walking on this 350-km route, we will reason a possess ‘Patidar Anamat Kooch’,” Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) core cabinet member Dinesh Patel said.

Dinesh was with Hardik in a city on Tuesday to launch a subsequent turn of restlessness to press for reservation to Patel village underneath OBC quota.

“The impetus will be organized on a same track where Dandi Mar was held. However, a impetus will be in a retreat direction. Instead of going to Dandi from Ahmedabad, we will start a impetus from Dandi and arrive during Ahmedabad. As per a indeterminate schedule, it will be organized on possibly Sep 5 or 6,” Dinesh said.

Hardik and other PAAS leaders hold marathon meetings with internal Patel leaders, tyro groups and Patel businessmen in Surat, as partial of a second proviso of their agitation.

“Hardik also went to Lajpore jail nearby a city and met around 40 Patel youths who were lodged there by military in fake cases during a violence. Hardik also met an harmed lady during a hospital. She was strike by a teargas bombard during violence,” Dinesh said.

The initial turn of share restlessness topsy-turvy a domestic meridian in Gujarat, a home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when Hardik hold a large convene in Ahmedabad on 25 August. The assault that followed a brief apprehension of Hardik in many tools of a state thereon claimed 10 lives.

Dinesh pronounced a second turn of restlessness includes a Gandhigiri-style programme to make all Patel village MLAs explain their mount on reservation for a village underneath OBC quota.

“In entrance days, Hardik will kickstart this expostulate from Ahmedabad. He will give a rose to any Patel MLA of city and kindly ask him/her to make his mount (on reservation issue) transparent in public. We wish to know who are with us,” he said, adding that PAAS leaders and workers will also give roses to Patel MLAs opposite Gujarat.

“We will lift out this programme in a pacific manner,” he added.

There are over 35 MLAs belonging to Patel village in a state, out of sum 182.