Haryana Home Secy’s automobile knocks down fight maestro Capt Dhanoa, though he deduction to watch play

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If ever a failing OROP debate indispensable a rallying indicate it came in spades when Haryana Home Secretary Anil Kumar’s automobile knocked down a 90 year aged lady alloy Monday. She was also a 1962 fight veteran.

The armed army veterans couldn’t have scripted it some-more dramatically in their ongoing conflict opposite bureaucrats.

Captain Dhanoa after she was knocked down by a car. Image courtesy: FacebookCaptain Dhanoa after she was knocked down by a car. Image courtesy: Facebook

Captain Dhanoa after she was knocked down by a car. Image courtesy: Facebook

Not usually did a bureaucrat’s automobile hit down Captain Dhanoa and mangle her rib and hash her eye, though he continued on his tale to attend a play commencement during a Tagore entertainment a few yards away. Not his problem, zero to do with him, a uncover contingency go on and we have things to do, out of my sight. Oops sorry, no ,we were not speeding.

Yes, we were.

Add to this audacity a fact that a cops did not press charges opposite anyone specific though labelled them ‘unknown persons’ and we have a environment for one some-more sum part in VIP bad manners.

Captain Dhanoa showed good bravery and even as she lay there on a petrify in a automobile park (where a Secretary’s automobile roared in) there was no one from his side to do her any reverence. Her son was so jarred that a offending automobile was not offering to ride his mom to a hospital. Only a military done a temperate offer to lift her in that condition clumsily in a behind of a Gypsy.

No one is really astounded nonetheless only about all of a nation is angry during a opinion that these comparison officers have towards a public. We have all felt a bile rising when blocked by these VIPs poncing down a roads with a red ‘batti‘ insignia.

The grandson, choked with emotion, put this up on Facebook.

#READ #COMMENT #SHAREThis is a Public Announcement Message.The Ex-#HomeSecretary of #UT : The S.H.O. “Mr. Anil Kumar’…

Posted by Gobind Singh Dhanoa on Friday, 25 Sep 2015

Captain Dhanoa is resting in Chandigarh even as outpourings of support and annoy flow in from around a country.

Surely, Anil Kumar could have shown what in a armed army is famous as OLQ or officer like qualities. What’s so special Sir that we could not get out of a automobile and lend a palm or during slightest safeguard she is taken to hospital.

Is that too most to ask?