He Gave His Daughter The Room Of Her Dreams By Hand-Painting An Epic Mural

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Most small girls can rest on their dads for consistent adore and lots of entertainment.

I remember when we was a kid, my father would follow me around a residence resounding that he was a torment monster. When he finally held me, he would mercilessly torment me, creation me giggle until we cried. That memory is something I’ll always cherish, that I’m certain is accurately what this small lady will do after saying a extraordinary thing her father did for her.

When artist Adam Hargreaves’ daughter, Bobbie, complained that her room was too boring, he motionless to repaint her walls. But when all was pronounced and done, he had totally remade her room into a Disney bliss that would make any small (or big) lady jealous.


My middle child is so sceptical that we can’t take it anymore — is anyone else about to chuck a fit, too? If we wish to check out some-more of Hargreaves’ overwhelming art, we can find his Facebook page here.