He Got Down On One Knee To Propose…So She Chucked An Apple Right At His Face

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Unexpected proposals bleed all sorts of responses from a chairman on a receiving end, though throwing things during their desired one’s head? That’s a small odd.

For Miranda Mccallion, however, chucking an apple during her beloved done ideal sense. You see, Randy Wente has been pranking Mccallion for utterly some time now by removing on one knee, creation her trust he’s proposing, afterwards divulgence that he’s only joking.

So when he finally asked her to marry him for real, she insincere he was messing around nonetheless again. That’s where a apple came in and strike him block on a forehead.

Congratulations to a happy integrate on their engagement! Oh, and it competence be a good thought to keep apples out of a house.