He Had A Nosebleed For Two Days, And What Doctors Found In His Lungs Is Insane

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The tellurian physique is an extraordinary square of machinery. It can withstand an implausible volume of pain and punishment before violation down. One of a many extraordinary mechanisms of all is a one that keeps us from draining to death. But as we all know, large blood clots can means a flattering outrageous volume of repairs in their possess right.

This week, one Redditor posted a striking print of a bizarre blood clot that was extracted from a lungs of one of his friends’ patients. The patient’s nosebleed lasted for several days, and when he figured out that it wasn’t going to go divided on a own, he went to a puncture room. That’s when doctors pulled something positively violent out of his lungs.

Warning: NSFW

Seriously, NSFW. Not during all.

Seriously, NSFW. Not during all.


The Redditor posted this underneath a photo: “Eighty-year-old masculine with nose drain for dual days. Refused to go to ER. Wife finally talked him into going. He coded shortly after arriving. Doctor went to intubate and found this. Pulled it out in one piece. It’s a blood clot that went from his nose, down his airway, and into his lungs. It’s an amazingly pleasing blood clot.”

That’s impossibly freaky. I’m astounded that he was still means to breathe.

That's impossibly freaky. I'm astounded that he was still means to breathe.

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Sadly, inner blood clots like this can occur to flattering most anyone. Let this be a lesson: if we have a bloody nose that lasts for some-more than a day, go to a doctor. It competence only save your life.