He Handed His Girlfriend A Tattoo Gun. What Followed Was The Riskiest Proposal Ever.

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When we dedicate yourself to restraining a knot, we take a vouch to sojourn loyal to one chairman for a rest of your life. However, matrimony isn’t a usually permanent thing about this tattoo artist’s relationship.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith, a tattoo artist from Colorado, knew early on that his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, was a one. So when a time came for him to introduce to a adore of his life, he knew he wanted to do things a bit differently by staying loyal to himself. Just moments before popping a question, Smith asked Wodark to tattoo his leg, and when she rolled adult his pants, she was totally stunned.

Remember those aged “check yes” records we used to pass to a crushes in a hallway? Well, Smith took that thought to a whole new level.

Facebook / Brooke Wodark

Thankfully Wodark checked yes, differently that tattoo would have been henceforth awkward.

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