He Helped Stray Cats During His Life. When He Died, One Visited His Grave.

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We knowledge many coincidences in life, though some are so ideal that they roughly seem like fate.

When a organisation of people collected to contend goodbye to a dear crony who upheld divided on Sep 18, they became witnesses to one such phenomenon. The deceased, who was famous to adore cats during his lifetime and even yield preserve to strays, had been laid to rest on a drift of a Kelibang Mosque in Kedah, Malaysia.

The man’s desired ones saw a white cat pawing during a mark where he was buried, and a pool refused to leave, creation them trust it was a sign.


Now a people contend they revisit a cemetery and feed a cat each day. Whether a sly had met a male while he was alive is a mystery, though given a circumstances, it really wouldn’t be surprising.