He Let Kids On The Beach Play With His Pet…Which Turned Out To Be A Crocodile

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When we hear about crazy and dangerous things function in Russia nowadays, not most surprises us anymore. However, what one male let children pet is still flattering shocking.

In a city of Anapa, beach goers were gay when a male took his pet into a H2O and authorised them to hold a animal. The usually problem? Well, pronounced pet was a six-foot crocodile on a leash, though that didn’t seem to worry anyone there one bit.

The man, a internal photographer, was arrested after military saw a footage next on amicable media. He’d apparently been regulating a quadruped to make money.

The crocodile, that a male had been rigourously gripping in a little aquarium in his home, has given been private and taken to a zoo in Novorossiysk. Share if we can’t trust people were so peaceful and gallant to hold it!