He May Be In A Wheelchair But That Didn’t Stop Him From Dancing With Someone Special

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Devoted father Dorian Wills wasn’t about to let his stoppage mount in a approach of carrying a good time on his eldest daughter’s marriage day.

An zealous skier, Wills became inept during a skiing collision scarcely 10 years ago. And while both Willis and his daughter Chavuanne had a emanate of creation it down a aisle in a behind of their minds, it wasn’t a matter of if it would happen, though how. As a day approached, Chavuanne’s younger sister pushed her father down a aisle with a bride during his side.

But a marriage day wouldn’t be finish but an romantic father-daughter dance. Watch as Chavuanne and her father bust a pierce to Stevie Wonder’s “You Are a Sunshine of My Life.”

(via Daily Mail)

The marriage wouldn’t be a same but Dad by her side. We send a best wishes to a family!