He May Look Like A Stuffed Animal, But This Wombat Is Real And Totally Awesome

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Wombats are cute, bushy small creatures local to Australia. They’re famous for digging singular and endless den systems by that they travel. With their vast front teeth and pointy claws, they puncture by a belligerent and taste on plants and other vegetation. This is a standard life of a wombat.

Unfortunately for Patrick, a world’s biggest and oldest wombat, he didn’t get to live a normal wombat life. He was orphaned as a baby and was lifted in captivity. But that hasn’t stopped him from being one of a cutest, happiest critters you’ve ever seen.

Awww! Patrick is so adorable…I only wish to lay him on my path and cuddle with him all day long. Or only have him as a pet, possibly one. Bottom line: we need some-more wombat in my life.

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