He Pulled Her From A Burning Building 17 Years Ago. Now She’s Graduating

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If we save a person’s life, we are evermore connected to that person. If we are in a contention of being a firefighter, we save people’s lives each day. Firefighters share a special tie with so many people that I’m certain they have a tough time gripping lane of usually who they’re connected to.

Mike Hughes is a firefighter who has saved countless lives in his storied career. Now, he is removing special approval from a lady who he saved 17 years ago. While she was usually 9 months old, Dawnielle Davidson was saved from a blazing building by Hughes. As a appreciate you, she invited him to her graduation, where a dual common a special moment.

(via HLN)

A reunion like this one is utterly rare. Firemen mostly go unthanked for their bold efforts, though it’s good to see that this lady is display her almighty gratitude.