He pronounced a endowment is for India as well: PM Modi meets Grammy leader Ricky Kej

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday invited internationally acclaimed musician Ricky Kej to privately honour him on his win during a 57th Grammy Awards progressing this year.

Kej had won a prestigious endowment for his 2014 manuscript “Winds of Samsara”, that bagged a Best New Age Album prize during Los Angeles in February.

PM Modi with Ricky Kej. PTIPM Modi with Ricky Kej. PTI

PM Modi with Ricky Kej. PTI

“PM Narendra Modi’s bureau had invited me for a accommodate and greet. we came in currently morning. He was intensely friendly and inexhaustible with his time. We had a 45-minute-long, private assembly with a PM, my mother and me. He pronounced it is not only an endowment for me, though also for a whole country. We talked music, truth and it was a unequivocally good time,” Kej told IANS about his assembly with a primary apportion in a telephonic interview.

Kej, who also stoical a special chronicle of a inhabitant anthem for a PM, pronounced he felt good to accept approval for his work from a nation and from a conduct of government.

“(It’s wonderful) to get approval from your possess nation and from a conduct of a government, so what some-more can an artist ask for? It was a really romantic impulse for me,” he added.

Although “Winds of Samara” blends in a artistic influences of a cultures to beget a sound of patience and positivity, Kej pronounced his song is “primarily Indian”.

“My song is essentially Indian. we am beholden to a PM for giving me his time. It is extraordinary that he favourite my song and a philosophies behind it. He was so good informed, he knows everything, that’s a finish of it,” he added.