He Stuffed Christmas Lights Into A Wine Bottle For A Genius Result

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Except for a fact that there’s no some-more booze inside, there’s no denying that booze bottles are distinguished pieces of glassware. It’s something about a immature color, or maybe it’s a seemly figure and prolonged neck. Whatever it is, transfer them unceremoniously in a recycling bin seems like a waste.

If you’d like to save your bottles, Birchbox Man has come adult with 7 clever, stylish ways to reuse them.

(source Birchbox Man)

If you’re going to try slicing glass, we should always wear correct eye and palm protection, and be careful! We also suggest sanding a cut corner since it will be very, really sharp.

And please…don’t splash too most wine. (Or if we must, during slightest entice us over to assistance out!)

For some-more ways to spin rabble into something useful, see what these crafty DIYers have come adult with:

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