He Suffered An Awful Stroke, But He Just Did The Cutest Thing To Raise Awareness

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month and is designed to assistance widespread recognition of a fifth heading means of genocide in a U.S.

Strokes kill some-more than 133,000 Americans any year and are also a series one means of adult disability. After pang a large cadence that landed him in a Hershey medical center, John Woloski was dynamic to infer that overcoming a cadence is some-more than possible. When Woloski’s condition continued to improve, he was expelled into a caring of internal reconstruction nurses.

This male continued to denote a certain opinion and appreciation for all a nurses and staff did for him on his highway to recovery. Before going home, this former song clergyman teamed adult with some peaceful staffers to film a special dance video to assistance lift recognition for symptoms of cadence and a liberation process.

Woloski isn’t vouchsafing anything mount in his approach when it comes to busting a move!


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To learn some-more about Stroke Awareness Month and how we can minister in your possess community, conduct over to a National Stroke Association’s website. Sharing this heartwarming video with family and friends is really a good place to start!