He Thought There Was No Way They’d Win The Game, So He Took A Shot You Won’t Believe

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There’s zero sports fanatics adore some-more than a comeback, and this is really one for a record books.

The Big Blue Ballers, a recreational basketball group from Missouri, were down 3 points with usually a few seconds on a clock, when a group was in unfortunate need of a spectacle to come from behind and win a game. After a group member hiked a round to Andrew Clark, a high propagandize contestant took it on himself to try and be a favourite for his whole team. Taking a one-in-a-million full justice shot with one hand, a whole track remained wordless as a round flew toward a net in what felt like delayed motion.

Sinking this scarcely unfit shot not usually done Clark and his teammates internal heroes, though it also won them a game!

(via Daily Mail)

That’s really something we don’t see each day. Kudos to Clark and a rest of a Big Blue Ballers, and here’s anticipating a group finishes off a already considerable deteriorate on a high note.