Headphones Teach You How To Relax

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Melomind headphones learn we how to relax efficiently. It doesn’t only play your music, it also comes with 4 EEG (electroencephalographic) sensors to lane your mind activity. Melomind is a hardware and program solution that will beam we and learn we how to relax each day.

You have to span it with your smartphone regulating Bluetooth, afterwards implement a app for iOS or Android and start a session. A relaxing voice tells we to relax, and afterwards procedural song starts. It tracks your mind activity in genuine time and sends a info to your smartphone so that a song evolves according to your turn of stress. Thanks to this neurofeedback model, we should already feel some-more loose after a 5 notation session.

If we wish to feel a prolonged tenure effects of a device, you’ll need to use it some-more than only a integrate of times. The creators of Melomind wants we to open a app each day and do a session, then you’ll get new hurdles and see how good we perform over time, it marks your swell and rewards you. And if we wish to use these headphones to listen to music, we can unclip a sensors during a back.


If imagining isn’t your kind of thing though you’re looking for something similar, Melomind seems a bit easier to collect up.

Tech Specs


The plan has so distant lifted some-more than €78 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 434 backers, with 42 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of October 2016. The cost is €220.


Source: Kickstarter