Hear Dataminr and NYC officials speak about regulating amicable media in puncture situations

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These days, it’s substantially some-more common to hear about news violation on Twitter or Facebook than from a promote news network or a radio.

In an age where watcher news has taken on a whole new definition interjection to amicable media, open officials like police, glow departments, and other supervision agencies (more on that in a bit) are looking for new collection to get adult to speed on emergencies as they happen.

Enter Dataminr, whose owner and arch executive officer, Ted Bailey, will join me on theatre during Disrupt New York alongside Commissioner Joseph Esposito, Commissioner of NYC Emergency Management, Ben Krakauer, Assistant Commissioner for Strategy and Program Development during NYC Emergency Management, and Masha Gindler from a Mayor’s Office on Digital Strategy to plead how Dataminr and NYC now use amicable media in puncture situations.

The company’s amicable media alerting services have brought it scarcely $200 million in try collateral financing from large name investors like Venrock, Nicolas Berggruen, a owner of a Berggruen Institute on Governance, and financial giants like Goldman Sachs.

There’s lots to plead and we’ll be digging into all of a ways Dataminr and a city change a final of reserve and confidence with remoteness and entrance (an emanate that has caused some attrition with polite liberties groups).

It’s a review y’all don’t wish to miss.

Disrupt NY runs May 15 to May 17, and this panel joins a expel of all-star speakers. You can check out a bulletin here.

Tickets to Disrupt NY can be purchased here.

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