Hello World Magazine Issue 4: Professional Development

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Another new year brings with it thoughts of environment goals and targets. Thankfully, there is a new emanate of Hello World packaged with unsentimental advise to set we on a highway to success.

Hello World is a repository about computing and digital creation for educators, and it’s a collaboration between a Raspberry Pi Foundation and Computing during School, that is partial of a British Computing Society.

Hello World 4 Professional Development Raspberry Pi CAS

In emanate 4, a general row of educators and experts recommends approaches to stability veteran growth in mechanism scholarship education.

Approaches to veteran development, and most more

With recommendations for some-more veteran growth in a Royal Society’s report, and supervision appropriation to support this, a cover underline explores some successful approaches. In addition, a emanate is packaged with other good resources, guides, features, and doctrine skeleton to support educators.

Highlights include:

  • The Royal Society: After a Reboot — learn about a latest news and a commentary about computing education
  • The Cyber Games — a new programme looking for a subsequent era of confidence experts
  • Engaging Students with Drones
  • Digital Literacy: Lost in Translation?
  • Object-oriented Coding with Python

Get your duplicate of Hello World 4

Hello World is accessible as a giveaway Creative Commons download for anyone around a universe who is meddlesome in mechanism scholarship and digital creation education. You can get a latest emanate as a PDF record true from a Hello World website.

Thanks to a really inexhaustible sponsorship of BT, we are means to offer giveaway imitation copies of a repository to portion educators in a UK. It’s for teachers, Code Club volunteers, training assistants, clergyman trainers, and others who assistance children and immature people learn about computing and digital making. So remember to allow to have your giveaway imitation repository posted directly to your home — 6000 educators have already sealed adult to accept theirs!

Could we write for Hello World?

By pity your believe and knowledge of operative with immature people to learn about computing, mechanism science, and digital creation in Hello World, we will assistance enthuse others to get involved. You will also assistance move a energy of digital creation to some-more and some-more educators and learners.

The computing preparation village is full of people who lend their knowledge to assistance colleagues. Contributing to Hello World is a good approach to take an active partial in this understanding community, and you’ll be adding to a physique of free, open-source training resources that are accessible for anyone to use, adapt, and share. It’s also a extensive height to promote your work: Hello World digital versions alone have been downloaded some-more than 50000 times!

Wherever we are in a world, get in hold with us by emailing a editorial group about your essay idea.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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