Hennessy Cognac Announced As World’s Top Performing Spirit

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Hennessy Cognac Named World Top-Performing Spirit

Hennessy Cognac Named World Top-Performing Spirit


Legendary code Hennessy has only been named as a world’s series one offered tellurian suggestion for 2014. Hennessy, already a world’s best-selling cognac, perceived a eminence from a International Wine and Research Group (IWSR). Hennessy has been remarkable as one of a tip 3 tellurian suggestion brands given 2012 and is celebrating their 250th anniversary this year. In 2014, Hennessy continued their expansion worldwide with increasing seductiveness and opening in a U.S. (sales adult by 10%) and countries like South Africa and Nigeria.

In a statement, Rodney Williams, Executive Vice President, Spirits, Moet HennessyUSA pronounced “We are truly respected to accept this extensive accolade. This acknowledgment by a IWSR is validation of a long-term proceed employed by Moet Hennessy and a trade partners to maintain and deposit in a code like Hennessy, that is arguably one of a biggest qualification brands in a world.”

Cognac has been rising in recognition for years, though to see Hennessy now ranked a series one offered suggestion altogether (edging out their closest aspirant Jack Daniels) is a poignant achievement. The tip 5 spirits had Hennessy during a top, with Jack Daniel’s in second place and Jameson, Grey Goose and Jim Beam rounding out a tip five.