Here Are 5 Ways Retouchers Photoshop Victoria’s Secret Models (One May Shock You)

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It’s no tip that many models bear a lot of retouching in their veteran photos.

Clearer skin, thinner bodies, and a whole lot of Photoshop are only partial of a normal for women featured in online or imitation ads. But only how many are their bodies digitally altered, and are we unequivocally wakeful of all of a modifications concerned in producing a “perfect” displaying photos? One retoucher who’s worked years for Victoria’s Secret recently talked to Refinery29, spilling a beans about a few of a several (and surprising) changes done to their models before and during a modifying process.

1. According to a unnamed woman, many Victoria’s Secret models have to wear hair extensions on set. “I don’t consider we ever was on a fire with a indication that had genuine hair,” she said.

2. Unsurprisingly, their breasts are Photoshopped to demeanour rounder, perkier, some-more symmetrical, and bigger. In genuine life, “they all have [size] A’s,” she said.

3. They also place silicone enhancers, famous in a business as “chicken cutlets,” in their bras and swimsuits to raise a bustline.