Here Are 8 Aliens People Believe Have Already Invaded Our Planet

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Here Are 8 Aliens People Believe Have Already Invaded Our Planet

Tim Unkenholz

Tim Unkenholz

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If we trust that a star is able of producing life on other planets, it is afterwards reasonable to assume that there are many opposite kinds of life floating around out there. There have been so many visitor encounters over a years, though a descriptions of a aliens concerned are always different.

Here’s a relapse of a opposite races of aliens that UFOlogists trust have overwhelmed down on this planet.

1. Andromedans


Aquarian Radio

Also famous as “Mirror” or “Glass” people, these beings are somewhat incomparable than humans, though they are done of pristine energy.

2. Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods Monster

UFO Evidence

Named after a city of Flatwoods, West Virginia, where it was famously spotted, this being is allegedly utterly tall. It also has a spade-shaped conduct and intense eyes.

3. The Greys

The Greys

Dinosaur Furry

Also famous as a “Zeta Reticulans,” these beings come in dual sizes — brief and tall. Short Zetas are customarily around 3 feet tall, while a high ones can grow to 8 feet. They both have elongated, grey heads. The Greys are ordinarily compared with a Barney and Betty Hill abduction of 1961.

4. Hopkinsville Goblins

Hopkinsville Goblins

Kentucky Ghosts

In 1955, a tiny plantation in Kentucky was overshoot by demon-looking group with pointy ears. They were also apparently bulletproof.

5. Little Green Men

Little Green Men


These guys are radically a bar sandwiches of aliens. Small, green, and bug-eyed, they are customarily compared with urn sightings that took place in a 1950s.

6. Nordic Aliens

Nordic Aliens


Some contend that a competition of humanoid aliens exists in Norway. The usually disproportion between these tall, blonde aliens and humans is that they have 24 teeth and webbed toes.

7. Reptilians



These creatures lay during a core of many uncanny swindling theories. Supposedly, these lizard-like, shape-shifting beings live among us, and they even reason distinguished positions in a U.S. government.

8. Sirians


Humans are Free

These ancient blue beings are suspicion to be a loyal architects of a Egyptian pyramids, and they’ve presumably supposing us with many technological breakthroughs.

Next time we confront an alien, warn them with your believe of their culture! What improved approach to acquire the new overlords to Earth?