Here We Have Video Evidence Of Black Mirror Coming To Life And The Robots Killing Us All

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Netflix’s sci-fi strike “Black Mirror” continues to torture a hearts and minds of millions of viewers as they remarkably emanate these technology-based dystopias that infrequently toe a line between novella and reality.

In a episode, “Metalhead” skillfully-trained drudge dogs are tasked with sport down humans, and since we can’t have good things, something eerily identical to these steel beasts has usually been denounced during International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Known as “Prosthesis.” this 15-feet high robotic exoskeleton can run during speeds of roughly 20 miles per hour while remaining probably silent. For now, these hulk racing beasts are manned by a tellurian commander who stands during a core of a exoskeleton, regulating arm movements to propel forward.

These large “anti-robots” are meant to competition head-to-head with other robots, though let’s be real. It’s usually a matter of time before these machines start holding over a terrain.

(via Daily Mail)

If we wasn’t already ill of advancing record before, flattering shortly I’ll be fearing for my life. All it takes is for one of these bad boys to get into a hands of someone with ill intentions and before we know it we’ll have bigger problems on a hands.