Here’s How To Take Back That Nasty E-Mail You Didn’t Mean To Send

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In a feverishness of a moment, people do some boneheaded things. At some point, you’ve substantially had a few choice difference to contend to your boss. You go home, form adult an e-mail to opening your frustrations, and send it.

A few mins later, we comprehend that we can’t means to remove your job. When we consider about what we only said, we can only design a pinkish trip sitting on your desk. But what do we do? How can we take it back?

Don’t worry. Gmail is about to save a day.

Gmail has denounced the new “Undo Send” feature.

Gmail has denounced the new Undo Send feature.


(via mentalfloss)

I’m certain this new underline from Gmail will save a lot of jobs and relationships. This is a oppulance we’ve been forgetful of for years! Better late than never, right?

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