Here’s a cutting-edge tech Narendra Modi will knowledge first-hand in Silicon Valley

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arriving 2-day revisit to Silicon Valley is certain to move a renewed record procedure for a Indian government. During his 2-day outing starting Sep 26, Modi is public a Who’s Who of tech in a Southern San Francisco Bay Area, that is improved famous as Silicon Valley as he seeks partners for his Digital India vision. But some-more importantly, a Indian PM is also going to knowledge some of a many slicing corner technologies rising from Silicon Valley, many still in a labs stage, though with outrageous intensity to renovate India and a world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTIPrime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI

Here are some of a technologies that Modi could knowledge first-hand as he visits some of a excellent tech campuses in a world, and that could give him new ideas on how record can solve India’s problems:


Google is operative on all from self-driving cars to intelligent hit lenses. Keeping Indian roads and pushing conditions in mind, self-driving cars competence have 0 aptitude for India in a nearby future, though one product that could squeeze a courtesy of a Indian PM could be Google’s intelligent hit lens. The lens is means to magnitude glucose levels in diabetics by analysing their tears and competence be on a marketplace before 2019. India, that has a largest diabetes race in a world, could be a many applicable marketplace for Google to launch a lenses if a cost cause stays viable for Indian wallets.

Representational image: ReutersRepresentational image: Reuters

Representational image: Reuters

Another product could be Google Glass. While Google gave a consumer chronicle a still burial, news is that a association is in a routine of rejuvenating a potion multiplication and has renamed a Glass group as ‘Project Aura’. With a tagline of ‘Glass beyond’ Project Aura isn’t focusing usually on Glass and competence rise cold wearables too. Google also continues to sell Glass to businesses for use in a workplace and is reportedly operative on a new craving chronicle of a device–Google Glass Enterprise Edition. One area where Google Glass done an definite impact was in medicine, with Indian surgeons contrast a product while it was in a beta phase. As a association is looking to revitalise Glass during work, Google could representation a craving chronicle of a device for a Indian market, generally in a area of open health where it could assistance in telemedicine and in training. Public health mutation is a vast plea for Modi and Glass competence have answers to some of a problems.


Mark Zuckerberg (left) with PM Narendra Modi.Mark Zuckerberg (left) with PM Narendra Modi.

Mark Zuckerberg (left) with PM Narendra Modi.

The world’s largest amicable networking height is operative on laser record to broach high speed internet by drones or satellites. “As partial of a efforts, we’re operative on ways to use drones and satellites to bond a billion people who don’t live in operation of existent wireless networks. Our Connectivity Lab is building a laser communications element that can lamp information from a sky into communities. This will dramatically boost a speed of promulgation information over prolonged distances,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said. Facebook has been contrast large, solar-powered drones in a skies over a UK. The company has also approached a Indian supervision in a past for carrying out a commander plan in a country. With India’s PM on a campus, Facebook will leave no mill unturned to showcase a record given a fact that Facebook thinks a record could element Modi’s ‘Digital India’ dream.

However, this is certain to make Indian Net Neutrality advocates see red. Facebook’s, in partnership with Indian telcos, continues to receive critique opposite a country; though is in no mood to repel a 0 rating judgment from India.


Microsoft is batting for a White-Fi record to assistance boost Digital India. The record can yield giveaway WiFi connectivity to a vast territory of a Indian race by wider coverage and careful deployment and licence-free access. White-Fi or radio White-Space record works like WiFi on a bigger scale. The technology uses new radio human spectrum to broach low-cost internet connectivity. It is vicious to extend broadband in farming India to truly make India digital. The US program vital is already working with a Andhra Pradesh supervision to exercise a record on a commander basement in a Srikakulam district.



In addition, Microsoft will find to yield Modi with a viewpoint on information supervision and would representation a internal cloud information centres in India that are scheduled to be operational by a year-end. With 3 internal information centres, Microsoft aims to take a poignant cube of a estimated multi-billion dollar domestic marketplace opportunity, competing with Google, Amazon, and IBM, besides absolute home-grown players like Netmagic (now an NTT Communications company), Tata Communications, Reliance Communications, Sify, and others. By charity cloud services by internal information centres, the association expects to help make Digital India a reality. This opens new possibilities in e-governance, financial inclusion, medical and education. Microsoft’s India-based information centres also jelly good with Modi’s Make in India initiative.


In his two-day visit, Narendra Modi’s revisit to a domicile of dignitary Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors competence good be a many important. It is believed that Modi will get a demeanour during Tesla’s latest inventions, like Powerwall–a vast battery pack, creates storing electricity easier and distant some-more convenient: creation solar panels potentially many some-more effective and also charity a greener backup resolution to generators. Powerwall, touted as a diversion changer, is an off-grid solar appetite element that can store appetite for use in times of blackouts and when appetite is wanting – dual problems Indians are really informed with. Modi has already permitted skeleton for India to furnish 100,000 MW regulating solar appetite by 2022.

Elon Musk in this record photo. Reuters Elon Musk in this record photo. Reuters

Elon Musk in this record photo. Reuters


Until now, India has focused on incomparable solar plants, that face infrastructural and regulatory hurdles during implementation. With Modi’s importance on purify energy, a supervision competence be penetrating to demeanour during how Tesla can help.

Inside Tesla’s factory, Modi could also have a possibility to get a dekko during a dilettante drudge public line built by a automobile maker, including 10 of a largest robots in a universe and adult to 160 dilettante robots that put together a company’s cars, something that could intruigued a tech-friendly PM.


Apple CEO Tim Cook. AP Apple CEO Tim Cook. AP

Apple CEO Tim Cook. AP

Apple is sly and competence not uncover a record cards to Modi. However, a public between Modi and Apple arch executive Tim Cook could be about ‘Make in India.’ Unlike other companies that would be looking to woo Modi, it competence good be a other approach around with Apple, now a many profitable house in a world. According to rumours, Apple is looking to deposit in production capacities in India that should give ‘Make in India’ a vital boost. Foxconn, a agreement manufacturer that creates many of Apple products, recently betrothed to deposit $5 billion in a possess production trickery in Maharashtra. Modi may also woo Apple to deposit in design, investigate growth in India.