Here’s The Explosive Reason Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Reheating a hard-boiled egg is as elementary as nuking it for a integrate of minutes. That is, if we don’t mind a explosion.

In response to a lawsuit in that a male claimed to have been burnt after an egg exploded in his mouth during a restaurant, researchers recently set out to answer either microwaves can spin hard-boiled eggs into succulent explosives. Of a scarcely 100 eggs they tested, 28 exploded after being poked with a beef thermometer. That’s because we should substantially only eat your leftover eggs cold from now on.

Check out one instance of because microwaves and hard-boiled eggs don’t mix.


(via IFL Science)

I’m flattering grateful I’ve never reheated eggs in a past. Just suppose that function in your mouth.