Here’s The Funny Thing That Happens When You Try To Keep Baby Pandas In Boxes

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Awaiting their entrance into their new outward habitat, these 7 pandas attempted their best to consider outward a box.

The hulk panda cubs were housed inside a array of vast totes as they awaited their recover during a Conservation and Research Center for a Giant Panda in Wenchuan County, China. The cuddly creatures can be seen wiggling about as they try their best to giveaway themselves from their open containers. At one indicate a cubs demeanour to one another for help, though zero seems to work for them.

After some-more than a notation of perplexing to escape, usually one of a darling pandas manages to stand out.

(via Daily Mail)

These little pandas are too lovable for their possess good. we wouldn’t mind carrying all 7 panda boxes sent directly to my residence ASAP!