Here’s Why You Don’t Slow Down Your Car If You Ever See A Bear On The Road

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Cody Kunau is no foreigner to saying bears on a road. After all, he works during a Yakutat Lodge in Yakutat, Alaska, where bear sightings are a unchanging occurrence.

What wasn’t such a normal knowledge for him, however, took place as he was pushing with his crony Samantha to get cooking during a lodge. On Jul 2, they both beheld a brownish-red bear channel a highway forward of them and slowed down to see if they could get a good demeanour during it by a trees. What happened a few seconds after done them book it out of there.

Watch as a indignant bear bursts by a trees and charges directly during their vehicle. I’m overtly astounded they didn’t scream!


Cody couldn’t figure out because a bear was so agitated, so he says they incited a automobile around to see if there competence be cubs in a area. They didn’t find anything, though they were charged again. Share if we would’ve indispensable a change of underwear if we were in their shoes.