Hermès Collaborates With Apple On New Watch Bands

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Photo: Apple 

Although a high tech Apple watch might already be a splurge for a normal fashionista, it looks like this matter appendage is about to turn even some-more luxurious. In fact, Apple has partnered with Hermès to recover a new line of leather watch bands.

According to Fashionista.com, Apple only announced their new fashion-forward partnership yesterday. The disdainful watch is set to underline a tradition black digital watch face, along with a choice of possibly a double looped “Double Tour” (priced during $1,250), singular looped “Single Tour” (priced between $1,100 to $1,150) or slap ($1,500).

The new Apple Watch will also underline a Sport watch with new Sport bands in rose and rose bullion shades. As for a leather Hermès bands themselves, they will be expelled in 4 shades (fauve, étain, capucine, and bleu jean).

For fashionistas who are coveting a new oppulance watch bands, Hermès has announced that they will be accessible from Oct 5. The new watches will be sole in comparison dialect stores, Hermès boutiques and Apple stores this fall.