He’s Been Helping Strangers For 50 Years, And Now It’s His Turn To Be Helped

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A Good Samaritan — famous by a people of San Diego as ‘The Highway Man’ — has been assisting stranded motorists along San Diego highways for 50 years. Tom Weller, a kind male who has left out of his approach to save hundreds of people, has always carried out these acts of affability in a 1955 Ford hatchback named Beulah. But in 2011, someone crashed into his dear car.

One man, who had listened large tales of Weller’s munificence over a years, motionless that he’d revive Beulah to her former glory. Judging by his reaction, this is a gesticulate that a internal favourite will lift with him for a rest of his life.

What an implausible approach to appreciate someone who has finished so most to assistance others. This story only goes to uncover we that acts of affability never go unnoticed, and that this form of care is contagious.