High School Football Players Deserve Harsh Punishment for Referee Attack

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High School Football

High propagandize sports are ostensible to be about building lifelong friendships, training about a values of teamwork and tough work, and, many importantly, training how to understanding with adversity when a outcome does not go your way. In Texas, zero is bigger than high propagandize football and a Friday Night Lights experience. High propagandize football games in Texas customarily pull over 10,000 to 15,000 people and a stadiums of some high schools are bigger and some-more costly than many collegiate Division IAA and Division II football stadiums. It can be argued that a best-taught theme in many high schools via Texas is football. A new incident, in that dual Texas high propagandize football players pounded a referee, will glow this discuss anew, and many are calling for a harshest punishment acceptable to be handed down.

On Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, 90 miles north of San Antonio, dual high propagandize football teams, Marble Falls and John Jay High School, played to a 15-9 Marble Falls victory. The story was not a measure of a game, though what happened during a diversion that left a bad ambience in a mouths of high propagandize football fans. Two players from a John Jay group pounded a arbitrate during a game. One actor strike a arbitrate in a behind and a second actor speared his helmet into a downed official’s behind as he was fibbing on a ground. A video of a eventuality creates it transparent that a dual players acted together to harm a official. As the investigation into a occurrence continues, both players have been dangling from a group and face probable exclusion from school.

This punishment is not enough. The two high school players concerned should be brought adult on charges, arrested and charged as adults. Instances of players aggressive a arbitrate are mostly unheard of; there have been many reports of relatives going after referees, though few tangible players have been reported doing this during a contest itself. If a students did this to any other propagandize central or to anybody in a ubiquitous public, they would certainly be arrested and thrown out of school.

The review is ongoing, but according to ESPN, a ruling physique of Texas football is doubt either or not a referees officiated the events of a rarely contested diversion correctly. It does not matter what happened before to this attack – the people concerned should be hold accountable. It has been reported that one partner manager has been dangling by a Northridge School District for his purpose in a attack. The partner manager reportedly had told some of a players to take caring of this arbitrate since he believed a central was intrigue them. If this is found to be true, a manager should also be arrested and never authorised to work around immature people again.

More critical is what this says about a enlightenment of big-time high school athletics. If a diversion was so critical to a coaches and players that they were peaceful to conflict and risk paralyzing a male over what they suspicion were astray calls, it is time to take a demeanour during a bigger picture. As for the dual players who strike a referee, they are now observant that a arbitrate was targeting them with secular slurs. Even if a review finds this to be true, it does not clear a use of violence. High propagandize football is ostensible to learn burden and responsibility. The perpetrators of this villainous act should be hold obliged to a fullest minute of a law and given a harshest punishment allowable. High propagandize entertainment organizers as a whole need to residence what happened in sequence to safeguard it never happens again.

Opinion by Adam Hovorka

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