Hilarious Teen Is Convinced Her Tongue Was Cut Off Following Oral Surgery

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In a mind of this confused post-op patient, her mother’s to censure for her stream illusory ailments.

Thirteen-year-old Katelyn Kelly was roving home from her knowledge teeth descent medicine when she done a erring find that her tongue had been cut off and all that remained was a tiny square of tissue. In her post-anesthesia rant, Katelyn blames her mom for permitting such a vital collision to happen, during one indicate exclaiming, “I’m gonna sue you!”

But a tip of a iceberg for Katelyn was when she put dual and dual together, realizing that she’d never be means to eat again due to her tongue removal.

(via Daily Mail)

Not gonna lie, I’d get that romantic about never eating again, too! This is too good for words, and we can’t stop shouting when we strike replay.