Hilarious Video Shows News Anchor Totally Losing His Cool On Live TV

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Managing a nightly news promote can be a formidable charge in and of itself, though when violation news hits in a center of a broadcast, it’s roughly a pledge that something will go wrong.

It’s one of a joys of live TV, though for KOAT Channel 7 anchor Doug Fernandez, a array of technical problems left him feeling so over a situation. During a broadcast, Fernandez was meant to segue into a live news from a stage of a violation news story, though audio and video files weren’t operative properly. Quick on his feet, he pivoted to accommodate for apparently mislaid footage when a funniest thing happened.

Totally over it, a discontented newscaster can be seen throwing his book records into a atmosphere and walking off camera in complete disgust. we feel we 100 percent, man.


If zero else, this guy’s highlight has brought smiles to many faces around a world. That’s a win, right?