Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, Cautious though Confident, Begins Considering Running Mates

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Hillary Clinton, in Dunmore, Pa., on Friday, has offering ubiquitous superintendence on a intensity using mate: She cares reduction about ideological and personal harmony than about picking a winner.

Eric Thayer for The New York Times

Hillary Clinton’s advisers and allies have begun endless discussions about who should be her using mate, seeking to accumulate a list of 15 to 20 intensity picks for her group to start vetting by late spring.

Mrs. Clinton’s group will fastener with difficult questions like possibly a United States is prepared for an all-female ticket, and possibly her choice for clamp boss would be means to hoop operative in a White House in that former President Bill Clinton wielded poignant change on policy.

While a assignment quarrel is still fluid, Mrs. Clinton is assured adequate of feat that she has described a prophesy of a using partner and objectives for a search, according to discuss advisers and some-more than a dozen Democrats tighten to a discuss or a Clintons.

She does not have a front-runner in mind, they said, yet she is intrigued by several contenders and scenarios.

Among a names underneath contention by Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Clinton and discuss advisers: Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, former governors from a pivotal state of Virginia; Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who represents both a some-more magnanimous wing of a celebration and a pitch state; former Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, a distinguished African-American Democrat; and Thomas E. Perez, President Obama’s labor secretary and a Hispanic polite rights lawyer.

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But Mrs. Clinton is also open to a woman, discuss advisers said. One apparent probability is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is hugely renouned among on-going Democrats, yet she has not been useful to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, disappearing to validate a former secretary of state.

Still, Ms. Warren has not been ruled out, according to a discuss advisers, who spoke on a condition of anonymity given they were not certified to pronounce about a trusted hunt process.

Who Might Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate Be if She’s a Nominee?

Here are some approaching contenders — according to allies and advisers of a Clintons and distinguished Democrats — and a demeanour during their strengths and weaknesses.

Mrs. Clinton has offering ubiquitous superintendence as her group starts a search: She cares reduction about ideological and personal harmony than about picking a winner, someone who can browbeat a vice-presidential discuss and remonstrate Americans that Mrs. Clinton is their best choice.

She also wants a partner who is undoubtedly competent for a presidency and would assistance emanate a strongest contrariety with a Republican ticket, that could be stubborn by questions about Donald J. Trump’s aptness for a presidency or Senator Ted Cruz’s awkward conservatism, according to those interviewed. And she wants someone who could be an effective conflict dog opposite possibly candidate.

Despite a passions influenced during a primary, Mrs. Clinton does not feel vigour to entice a supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, given she thinks many of them would eventually opinion for her, an avowal corroborated adult by polling.

The many indeterminate emanate for a search, during slightest during this early stage, is a misunderstanding in a Republican race, that competence not produce a hopeful until a party’s gathering in mid-July.

Mrs. Clinton is approaching to make her collect shortly after a Republican sheet is known, according to Democrats tighten to a campaign, and her domestic calculations in selecting a using partner competence change depending on possibly a hostile hopeful is Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz or someone unexpected, and who a Republican No. 2 is.

If Gov. John Kasich of Ohio or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Cuban-American, finish adult on a Republican ticket, Mrs. Clinton competence be some-more prone to collect Mr. Brown (to assistance her in Ohio) or Mr. Perez (to assistance excite Hispanic voters).

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The vetting of tip contenders will be led by James Hamilton, a longtime Washington warn who did so for a 2008 Obama discuss and other Democratic nominees, according to a Clinton advisers and other Democrats tighten to a campaign. The altogether hunt routine is approaching to be overseen by John Podesta, a discuss chairman. Cheryl Mills, who was Mrs. Clinton’s arch of staff during a State Department and emissary White House warn for Mr. Clinton, is also approaching to play a pivotal role, and Mr. Clinton will have a vital voice.

Mr. Hamilton, reached by phone, declined to criticism and referred questions to Mr. Podesta, who declined an talk request. A discuss orator also declined to comment, and Ms. Mills did not respond to an email ask for comment.

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Graphic: How a Rest of a Delegate Race Could Unfold

Several Democratic allies contend that during a search, a discuss will have to reckon with Mrs. Clinton’s high unfavorability numbers, that competence emanate vigour to select an moving figure like Julián Castro, a sovereign housing secretary, a rising star in a party. But Mrs. Clinton’s advisers voiced certainty that her favorability ratings would urge once a Republican hopeful is chosen.

And they and other Democrats contend Mrs. Clinton’s options competence enhance if Mr. Trump is nominated, given his unpopularity with vast portions of a electorate.

“She will have a lot some-more coherence in picking a using partner if a Republican hopeful is Donald Trump rather than Ted Cruz, who appears a most closer competition for her,” pronounced former Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.

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