His Reaction To Seeing A Spider Is Honestly The Most American Thing Of All Time

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It’s a flattering normal greeting for people to roar when they see a spider and even hit it or stomp on it.

What isn’t so common (or smart), however, is this guy’s response. Apparently in Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, where open lift is legal, shotguns are compulsory to take out offending arachnids — according to this dude, during least. Whether he was display off or he’s only that fearful of spiders, he was flattering discerning to indicate a firearm during a belligerent and lift a trigger as shortly as he saw one.

If this isn’t a many American thing you’ve seen, I’m not certain what is.

In box we were wondering, a best thing to do when we see a spider in your yard is, we don’t know, only leave it alone? But that’s only me.