Hockey World League: Olympic berth during interest for Indian women’s team

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It will be make or mangle time for a Indian women’s hockey organisation as they start their debate for gift for a 2016 Rio Olympics when they take a margin opposite hosts Belgium in their Hockey World League (HWL) Semi-Final opener on Saturday.

India have been grouped with Australia, Belgium, New Zealand and Poland in Pool B of a 10-team contest from where usually a top-3 finish can pledge them a mark in subsequent year’s Games. Also, a top-4 finish here could meant gift for a HWL Final to be played in Argentina in December.


India have been grouped with Australia, Belgium, New Zealand and Poland in Pool B of a 10-team tournament. Reuters

India are firm to find it tough as detached from Poland during No.23, all teams in their pool are ranked above them. They will have to finish in a top-4 from a organisation to enter a quarter-finals where any organisation will be geared adult to vaunt their best skills and put adult their best show.

On a initial day, World No.13 India will close horns with World No.12 Belgium.

“The team’s aim is a berth in a 2016 Olympics. The organisation has been scheming itself from a Hawke’s Bay Cup, gripping a HWL Semi-Final in mind. The players have softened their skills as good as strategies according to a foe turn here,” India arch manager Mathias Ahrens said.

“Tomorrow will be a exam for a whole organisation as it will give us a genuine time research of where we mount and how immediately to devise for a subsequent clashes. The organisation is assured and are wakeful that they have to hang to a plan and keep it simple. The thought will be not to concede vigour to trickle in that gives an corner of reacting in minimal time.”

In new times, India faced Belgium twice during a 2014 Champions Challenge 1 in Glasgow where they mislaid both matches. However, India will be looking brazen to violation their hex and will aim during starting a contest on a winning note.

They will strive to continue their good form by utilising a knowledge they gained from their use matches and will be seen emphasising some-more on converting a limit series of chastisement corners into goals. On a other hand, Belgium are operative tough to continue their winning strain opposite India.

“Tomorrow’s strife is really critical as a win will boost a certainty level. The concentration will usually be on possession and not to remove control of a round easily. If we do this, we can emanate vigour and have a chances to measure a essential goals,” India captain Ritu Rani said.